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Which state is the most overrepresented in the Electoral College?

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Every state has electoral votes equal to the size of its Congressional delegation: The number of Senators plus the number of Representatives. (These totals will next be adjusted after the 2020 Census). Since every state has 2 Senators, and at least 1 Representative, the minimum number of electoral votes any state can have is 3. What this also means is that states with lower population are over-represented in the Electoral College, while the largest states are under-represented. As a result, Wyoming, the least populous state, is most over-represented. It would only have 1 electoral vote in a population-based distribution. Conversely, even though it has 55 Electoral Votes, California is the most under-represented state. With 12% of the U.S. now residing there, California would have 65 electoral votes. The other two answer choices, Tennessee and Maryland, are the states that are closest to having the "correct" number of electoral votes based on their population.